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Looking for people who speak French, German or Portuguese

  • 29 Mar 2018 11:10 AM
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    Hello BAMMers.


    My local Rotary International Club (Dougherty Valley San Ramon), of which I am a member, is in the planning stages for our first 2018-2019 Outbound Student Exchange Orientation.

    One of the activities we conduct is “So You Think You’ve Arrived” – see description below.  We are looking for volunteers to get involved who speak French, German or Portuguese.  It can be one or even a group who will participate in welcoming a student!

    The Orientation will take place on Saturday, April 7th at Venture School in San Ramon , California (10540 Albion Road). 

    Arrival by 10:45am for final instructions and wrap up by 11:30am-Noon.


    The most important thing our students can do to prepare for their exchange is to learn their language!

    The exercise you will be helping with shows the student how important language acquisition is from the moment they step off the plane!



    You’ll be pretending to be the host family meeting their newly arrived exchange student at the airport (signs will be provided to you).


    Once you find your outbound student, chatter to them in your native language (NO ENGLISH).  Here are some examples:


    - Welcome them

    - Ask them how their flight was

    - Ask if they are hungry

    - Ask to take their bag

    - As if they need to use the bathroom

    - Talk to them about how excited you are to meet them and that you have read so much about them

    - Pronounce your student's name with your native language pronunciation

    - Greet as a native (kiss on cheek if appropriate)

    The purpose of the exercise is to reinforce the need to learn their language.

    If the student doesn’t understand anything you’re saying , that will get the message across that they need to put more time into language acquisition.

    Or, if they’re able to understand you, it will show that their efforts are paying off.

    If you are able to assist, please contact me no later than April 4th to let me know you are available, and what language you speak.  I will connect you to the group who is making this happen.


    Thank you for your time and contribution in advance! 


    Dini Shabazian



    +1 925 337 1348 

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